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Mechanical Contracting
Easy Aire is a full-service mechanical contracting company, creating and maintaining comfortable building environments. We specialize in small to large scale HVAC systems.

We work closely with our customers to create a sound construction plan that guides us through every phase of the construction process. Most importantly, we’ll work with you to implement reasonable timeframes and budgets with an unwavering focus on safety and a high-quality end product.

      Our services include:

  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Air Conditioning
  • Sheetmetal Fabrication
  • Mechanical Service
  • Maintenance 
  • Mechanical Engineering Services

Design Construction
Whether your project is simply a concept or a full-fledged plan ready to implement, our team will give you a starting point. Before we begin construction, we’ll work with you to evaluate System Concepts, offer Value Engineering Alternatives and Review Construction Issues. We’ll guide you through the design phase and develop a plan of action that includes Budgets, Schedules, Personnel Requirements and Structural Considerations. Our ultimate goal is to provide you a plan that assures an optimal mechanical installation.

      During Pre-Construction Your Easy Aire Team Will:

  • Participate in design and coordination meetings
  • Develop and define the scope of all mechanical systems
  • Meet with building departments, user groups, utility suppliers or any other group with interest in the project
  • Continue to evaluate the design for cost effectiveness, efficiency, safety, performance and construct ability
  • Manage the project from conception to completion

Once we’ve outlined your project, designed and fabricated the necessary materials, we begin to put the pieces together. From Pre-Construction, Coordination and Fabrication, Easy Aire will continue to work closely with you and your Construction team to ensure implementation without a hitch. We are directly involved in the day-to-day operations of all jobs under construction.

      During Construction Your Easy Aire Team Will:

  • Ensure Project Coordination from Pre-Construction, Coordination, Fabrication, Construction and Maintenance 
  • Manage the Schedule, Budget and Personnel Requirements 
  • Purchase, Manage and Maintain all necessary equipment 
  • Assess and Negotiate all necessary subcontracts 
  • Oversee all field foreman and subcontractors 
  • Track submittals and handle all project invoices and billing

Successful Projects
Easy Aire has more than four decades of experience designing, building and maintaining small to large scale construction projects. We know how to run a successful project from start to finish, and we can handle almost any challenge with ease and flexibility to ensure safety, quality and quality workmanship.